Logo Verse Branding Strategy – The Difference is Your Bottomline

There is a vast difference between creating a logo and creating a brand strategy…a difference that will be reflected in bottomline profits.Most people consider a brand to be merely a logo. However a brand is an identity. Think of it like a person. It has a definite style, personality and voice. It makes a clear promise about what your company, products or services stand for.Don’t be fooled by agencies that offer to create a logo. This is the cheaper option for a reason.

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Creating a brand strategyWhen creating a brand, the following things should be considered:
What is your promise to customers?
What can you offer your customers that your competitors can not?
What name, design and execution will make you stand out from your competitors?
What will capture your target market’s, or customers’, attention?A good advertising company specilises in developing comprehensive brand strategies. They research your company, your competitors and your target market.Then their graphic artists and experienced marketing experts work together to design a brand that not only captures who you are and what you stand for but will continue to serve your company and your customers now and in the future.See a preview of your brand in action

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Part of your Branding Strategy is to demonstrate how your new brand will look and work across a wide range of marketing mediums, including business cards, websites, advertising and even employee uniforms.Getting it right has a dollar valueGetting your brand right has an invaluable impact on the success of your business. From the obvious benefit of attracting new customers to uniting your workforce for greater productivity, excellent brands are created from research based brand strategies.